The Thought Process

Effective campaigns consist of four major components.

An effective interrupt

An effective interrupt is an ad that has stopping power. The “what was that” you experience when you’re not sure what you saw was real. This can be done in a variety of ways. The end result is that the ad was unique enough to attract their initial attention.


After attracting their initial attention, you must now engage them to read on or watch further. When this is done well it creates the field of play for a potential relationship.


Now that you have their full attention, educate them on the fact your Company is the best choice for them. Need a reason why your Company is the best choice? You need not worry. The Murray Group can help you isolate, focus and convey the most unique aspect of your business they will value.


Last but not least you must ask for the business. Most people have difficulty with this step. In fact, if the previous three steps were executed properly the consumer should be racing forward to hear what you have to offer.
Extensive real-time lead tracking
Measuring the efficacy of an ad campaign is critical. All campaigns should have the flexibility of adapting to changes in the marketplace or your business. Individually tracking the responses to each aspect of your campaign in real-time enables the Murray Group to refocus and quickly use these changes to maximize the return on your advertising investment.