Murray Group has experience in all aspects of media:

From the ad concept to ad production
Effective media buying capability
Detailed real-time lead tracking systems
Our production teams are award winning and experienced with home consumer advertising:
• Award Winning TV commercial production
• Training and recruitment videos
• Radio production
• Award Winning Web Development SEO
• Internet Advertising Specialist
• Award Winning Print /Direct Mail and Brochure Development
All companies have different budgets and needs when it comes to a properly developed TV ad. The Murray Group partners with production teams all over the country to ensure a custom tailored ad that achieves your company goals.
• Video
• HD video
• 35 mm Film
The internet is tomorrow’s communication tool with virtually all of your potential customers. Website development that is designed to create an online sales funnel that generates a consistent lead flow to your business. We have extensive internet media buying experience to position your business effectively online.

Data management and real-time lead tracking come with any Murray Group campaign.
Print advertising may be man’s oldest form of advertising. The Murray Group has assembled a team of experts that are unmatched. Our team can do state of the art detailed graphics, extensive copywriting with layouts designed to move prospective buyers your way.
Outdoor billboard advertising is done poorly by most advertising firms. Outdoor advertising, done correctly, requires an understanding of traffic patterns in the area and a person’s capacity to read the message in a prescribed unit of time. Almost every advertising agency gets this wrong. Barry Murray of the Murray Group has initiated dozens of national outdoor campaigns and has extensive experience in doing outdoor right!