Bug Season is Here, Is Your Advertising Plans In Place?

One of the most common mistakes PCO’s make is waiting too long to get their advertising for season in place.  Then, they are rushing to get something out there without truly evaluating how successful  it’s going to be.  You need to start now if you haven’t already.  Time is rapidly running out.  Your competition is going to have the “name recognition edge” on you if they haven’t already.

Things to consider:

  • What venues will I utilize this year?
  • What tracking mechanisms do I have in place to monitor efficacy?
  • How Much will I budget to spend?
  • Where will I spend it?

The second biggest mistakes PCO’s make is not advertising in season because they are already busy.  This is like a fisherman sitting out the salmon run! You need to fish when the fishing is good! Advertising / fishing in the winter, may be relaxing, but it certainly isn’t rewarding.  If you have no insect pressure, then advertising will never provide a decent return on your investment.  Insect pressure is here in many areas of the country, and right around the corner in others.

Don’t delay any longer, contact us today to get your campaign going !  The early bird catches the worm! No pun intended!  “)  OK yes, there was a pun intended.

Call us today at 954-646-8699 or email me at barry@murraygroupllc.com It’s time to Rock’n Roll!


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